Consuming with intent in 2016

2016 is almost here and this year, rather than resolutions, I’d like to set intentions or words to live by. Words that guide and ground when things start getting hectic. Simple principles to live by and turn to when the reset button needs to be hit.


Stuff, I love stuff. I love style, I love aesthetics and a good visual cheers me up and calms me. Pretty things fill me with joy, but to be truthful all of the ‘stuff’ in my life has been leaving me feel a little claustrophobic. So for 2016, my mission is to get rid, consume with intent and to treasure quality over quantity.

Do more with less

In some ways this relates to consuming with intent, but it’s more about enjoying and valuing what I have rather than looking for the next thing or thinking that something new will be the solution. It also means saying no to things, not overfilling time with stuff that ‘must’ be done and leaving enough time for fun with my husband, daughter, friends and family. Every now and then, I’ll try to leave some ’empty’ time.

F@*k it

Two little words, but oh so powerful. So when I’m feeling bad about making a mistake, worrying about what others may think or procrastinating because things might not be perfect, I will employ these two little words, say them with conviction, not feel bad and move on or make a move.

The other stuff

Oh, and the other bits that I’d like to work on are being a better morning person (this will NEVER happen in its entirety, but even a two percent improvement would be good!), to read more (actual books like(!) rather than websites and magazines) and to remember to brush the cat (sorry Pawsie, blame Evie!).

Happy 2016. Wishing wonderful things for you and yours.

xxx Jen

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