A tale of two ghillies

Ghillie, ghillie, ghillie can’t you see. Sometimes your, err…laces, just hypnotise me. And I love your flashy ways…

Ghillie pumps, lace up flats, whatever you want to call them, the lace up shoe trend isn’t going away. And nor should it, because it’s really quite brill. Adding the right amount of interest to the flat with the bonus of your shoes staying on if you ever feel the need to run for the bus.

I’d been lusting after a pair for quite some time, but couldn’t settle on that perfect pair. Along with my commitment to purchase little but purchase well (some might, see husband(!), question my commitment to this), there were no quick fixes to be had. I was in search of ‘the pair’.

Then along came the Brown Thomas Summer sale and Isabel Marant’s Leo. At the full price of €340, they were never going to happen, but at the ever so reduced, low cost-per-wear, practically a steal price of €169, just maybe they could. They’d be an investment, right?

I stalked them online…would it be the black or the brown pair that veered towards khaki? The daydreams began. At the weekends, we’d skip along as we strolled to the coffee shop, pulling off mum-chic with aplomb.

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Next, I stepped it up a level and paid them a visit in the shop. ‘I’ll just look. I probably won’t even try them on.’ I said. ‘Can I try these in a size 4 please?’ Who was that? Oh, it was me. ‘My feet are a bit awkward in flats, they’ll never fit and that’ll be the decision made. Oooh, feel how buttery soft the leather is. And those laces, they won’t scratch. Can I? Can I? Can I? How do I justify this purchase? How can I explain this one?’ Hmmm, not so sure I can.’ Reality had hit.

The flirting was over but the ghillie dream was not!

In the background, another relationship was forming. Less obvious, more of a slow burn. As the Leo’s called my name and batted their eyelets at me, the Carvela Live shyly dragged a reduced price toe along the shelf. Not as ‘cool girl’, they wouldn’t come with a dust bag, nor a box with a clasp, but could they fit the bill. Maaaayyyybbbbeeee. And at a respectable €65 (reduced from €120), they were much more palatable to the bank balance. ‘Evie’, I said to my little sleeping shopping partner in crime, ‘let’s try ’em on.’

My friends, meet the latest addition to my shoe crew. Is it love? No. But, it is extreme like. And they’re bloody comfy to boot.

Leo, we’ll dream of you from afar, but Live, welcome to the show, Lace yourself up there, we’ve got some walking to do.


The Carvela Live Lace Up Flat

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