Anatomy of a mum uniform

Mum style gets a bad rap. Think dowdy, plain, harassed looking… This was always wrong and quite frankly insulting but with Instagram and the likes there’s now a whole movement of ‘stylee’ mums doing their thing. Check out Dress Like a Mum and Natalie Borton for proof.

Recently I saw one of the weekend style sections had a certain mum style in their ‘going down/what’s not (hot)’ list. That well known mum uniform of khaki jacket, breton tee, jeans and white Converse was the victim of choice. Apparently it was predictable and a bit snore-festy. I paraphrase but you get the gist. It is predictable, that I agree with, but it still looks great and pulled together and when you’ve just had the eh ‘mother’ of all mornings simply trying to get out the house, then you really don’t give a sh@t. Let’s call it classic, a bit normcore (although those in the know have declared normcore over too).

Capsule fail…or perhaps not

Anyway, I digress. I’ve been trying out the whole capsule wardrobe thing of late but failing really as I get sidetracked by the need for a bit of oomph in my wardrobe. So the capsule thing hasn’t been the greatest success, but what it has led to is some uniforms in my wardrobe. Clothes that all go together and can easily be mixed and matched.

At home, we’re all a bit tired these last few weeks. Holidays are in sight and we’re mentally army-crawling our way to the freedom of annual leave, when we can get a bit of space from the daily routine.

A uniform saves the day

Anyway, as I ran around last Friday morning, late and disorganised, the foundations laid down in my wardrobe of late jumped to my rescue.

It occurred to me that I have a go-to mum uniform for running around or a more casual look. Sweatshirt, a good tee, high-waisted jeans (excellent for maintaining dignity when crawling after little people) and some comfy trainers. Add a statement necklace and away I go. Result! Pulled together – on the outside at least!  For Summer, throw on a light parka with a hood (the bonus of being buggy friendly in the rain) or a blazer and the recipe is complete.

If you like any of the bits you see, bonus for you (not me) as most of it’s on heavy sale now. Links below.

I’d love to hear about your go-to style for getting out the door in quick-time yet still looking pulled together. Why not drop me a comment on instagram (@jenbgrainger).

Jen xx



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