Capsule wardrobes. And an A/W 2017 edit with a load of things I won’t be buying and a few things I have

A/W 17 Zara Coat and Jumper, Adidas Stan Smith, H&M Jumper

Ah Autumn/Winter, that time of year when we get to dig out knitwear and boots all while enjoying crisp air and bright blue skies. Let’s ignore the recent spate of rain for now… I have such lovely childhood memories of getting to crunch through the fallen Autumn leaves of tree-lined Griffith Avenue not far from my Granny’s.

Like a lot of people, it’s my favourite time of year for clothing. I love pulling out warmer bits from the back of the wardrobe, encasing my feet in boots again, and the thrill of exploring the new stock hitting the shops. A Summer baby, I am not. I love a bit of sun on my bones, but when you are as pale-skinned and freckly as I am, it feels great to get to cover up again.

Now, I love seeing the new stock appear and planning mental shopping lists, but over the last few years, I’ve adopted the capsule wardrobe approach. In fact it’s something I’d loosely been doing for years without really knowing. I have yet to go full-on capsule though. You know the drill — having a definite number of items for three months, no purchases throughout the three month period of your current capsule and so on. I guess my approach to a capsule wardrobe is fluid. I’ve mentioned it before but an all-or-nothing approach doesn’t work for me. I recently heard the term ‘naturally curated wardobe’ and that’s something that sits with me better. I love the idea of capsules, but a more organic and fluid approach is what works for me. That said, the capsule principles that I focus on are considered purchases, analysing the gaps in my wardrobe before buying an item of clothing and making quality purchases that will last and I will continue to love. I think it’s key to note here, that quality doesn’t necessarily mean expensive. I have paid over the odds for ‘quality’ in the past and been really disappointed. For me, a capsule or naturally curated wardrobe is about having pieces that work for my lifestyle, make me feel good and make getting dressed in the morning a no-hassle event.

Capsule wardrobes are not about rushing out and buying a whole load of new stuff each season, but this A/W, there will be very few purchases for me. First off, I’m in the third trimester of pregnancy and on bed-rest/restricted activity so I don’t have much call for clothing beyond the stretchy, comfy elasticated waist kind. Second, although I should/might be back in non-maternity by the end of the year, I’ve no idea what size I’ll be. It takes a while to get back to a ‘normal’ size, whatever that is — for me it was around nine months to a year the first time around and I was much more active during that pregnancy.

Anyway, as I won’t be buying a whole lot this year, I’ve been having a lot of fun just browsing some of the style out there at the moment instead. It’s been pretty great to play this game with no intention of buying as I don’t have to be as practical as usual. There’s no worrying about the gaps in my wardrobe. I’ve simply been allowing what I like to turn my head.

Below I’ve included a look at the few pieces I have bought — they should be fairly safe in terms of size and I know I’ll be glad of a few fresh bits when I finally get out of stretchy pants — and an edit of a whole load more of ‘currently in the shops pieces’ that won’t be passing my threshold, but I think are pretty nice all the same and should go to a good home somewhere. Happy browsing!

All items with the exception of ‘the best of the rest’ are linked (search using the caption) and were still in stock at the time of writing.

Oh and if you’d like to read a bit more about capsule wardrobes, I recommend Caroline Joy’s Un-Fancy blog or Anuschka Rees’ book, The Curated Closet. Anna Newton over at The Anna Edit also does a fabulous job of breaking down her approach to capsule dressing.

What’s made the cut


I bought these from the ‘Office Girl’ section. Sizes run up to 5.5 and they were half the price of the adult version. I’m normally a size 4, but bought a 4.5. They fit perfectly and are extremely comfy. And bonus, my toddler can even do them up for the very infrequent trips outdoors these days 🙂

The bits I love but won’t be buying






Jeans and skirts



The best of the rest

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